In today’s world there are very few things left which do not have competition. For increasing the amount of sale it is very important to understand the customer, sell to a customerand then to retain a customer.

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning):In today’s competitive world, the best way to increase you profits is to effectively use the existing organizational resources and to effectively plan for new resources. Varcine Tech has been developing ERP solutions for 3 years now and provides solutions which are low on your hardware requirements, making the deployment of ERP solutions as low cost affair in your organization.

CRM(Customer Relationship Management): Varcine Tech Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps to maintain your customer records, customer correspondence, customer requirements, important customer dates, all the information you would require to keep the customer happy and always remain with you.

HRM(Human Resource Management): Manage your Human Resource effectively with the Varcine Tech HRM Module. Today Human resource like other resources is becoming scares. Procedures to acquire and maintain good talent of key importance in today’s competitive Global Environment.

Free installation

Here we offer Free installation and configuration for our India Matrimonial Software, that will help you to reduce your installation cost.

Free maintenance

We providing Free maintenance services for our Hindu Matrimonial script, that provides you better user experience also save your valuable money from maintenance cost.

100% Editable

We have developed our Muslim Matrimonial Script with better flexibility and scalability.So you can modify the source code as per your needs there is no restrictions to modify.

3 hour site live

This is a unique feature for Christian Matrimonial Script, Here we just take only 3 hours of time to publish the website in live from your purchasing time.